Our Covid-19 Update

A note from our founder:

For more than a decade, Gray & Co. has been offering the highest level of  upscale private travel to our discerning clients. At this time, we are complying with all Covid-19 protocols. All our team has been vaccinated, and we expect the same from our travelers and suppliers as we do our best to stay safe and healthy. For Gray & Co., travel is a “people business” first. We’ve got precious friends in all corners of the globe. From hoteliers, chefs and sommeliers to mechanics, pilots, drivers and expert guides, these invaluable folks work with us on our continuous quest for the best.

When you’re ready to travel again, you’ll find that the Gray bar is raised higher than ever on our bespoke trips around the globe.

Travel motivates, inspires and changes lives. Contact us with any questions or ideas for trips – we love to plan!

Very best, Cari

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