Our Covid-19 Update

Agents & Planners

First of all, thank you for your interest in Gray & Co. We are pleased to collaborate with top Travel Professionals and Meeting Planners around the globe. You are our extended sales force, supplying us with invaluable insights into your clients likes & dislikes.

At Gray & Co., we pride ourselves on offering superbly planned and executed private trips for very affluent travelers – we do not have set departures or offer pre-packaged tours. We provide extremely high levels of service and customization. Our trips are best suited for more than 4 participants and tend to be extremely expensive. We are very well versed in catering to clients who prefer traveling privately.

As a team of expert travelers, we constantly tour the globe in search of the best hotels, tastiest restaurants, most interesting roads and fabulous off-the-beaten-track destinations. We listen, advise and work with you and your clients to craft a custom journey that will exceed expectations.