• What is active travel? Created with Sketch.
    • “Active Travel” involves some form of outdoor physical activity (e.g. walking, hiking, cycling, paddling, yoga etc.) almost every day of the trip.
    • You don’t have to be an athlete! We cater to all levels and interests.
  • Why Gray & Co.? Created with Sketch.
    • Gray & Co. is the only Active Travel company that offers exclusively CUSTOM + HIGH-END + ACTIVE journeys. We have never done anything else!
    • No set departures. Every trip is custom and discretely guided/produced by our elite in-house team, which collaborates with local experts.
  • Who travels with Gray & Co.? Created with Sketch.
    • High net worth individuals and their friends – all of whom are well-traveled, intelligent, curious, active and discerning. Most own or lease private jets.
    • Individuals who are safety, privacy and security conscious.
    • Multigenerational families. We love kids. There’s a huge difference in planning for ages 5-8 versus ages 8-12 versus teens or college-aged kids. We have taken this challenge on and really enjoy getting to know all ages.
    • Most of our clients have booked multiple Gray & Co. journeys and new clients are most often by way of referral.
    • We work directly with clients AND with travel agents.
  • What about COVID related issues? Created with Sketch.
    • As always, we’re mapping out bespoke itineraries that avoid all line-ups, crowds or small spaces. We recommend takeovers of small properties, and booking them a night early to allow for extra deep-cleaning.
    • A Gray & Co. producer is always on the ground to ensure everyone feels safe.
    • Hyper-vigilant approach to ensure every moment of a trip is safe, clean and private.
  • How "active" do I need to be? Created with Sketch.

    Fear not! We cater to all ability levels. Care to ride the same circuit as the pros? No problem. Prefer a short walk, followed by a cooking demonstration and spa treatment? We welcome that, too. Typically, we suggest 3-4 hours of activity each day. Trips are supported by vehicles that are there for weary travelers or to carry extra gear, purchases, etc.

  • What if our group has varying ages, interests and activity levels? Created with Sketch.

    We happily cater to a wide variety of travelers, and want the pace you set on the trail or road to be your own. This is one of the many reasons why we have such high guide to traveler ratios and multiple vehicles–so that we can deliver the ultimate in flexibility.

  • What about corporate groups? Created with Sketch.

    Gray & Co. designs and produces active corporate retreats. From choosing the right destination to fine-tuning venues and menus, the Gray & Co. team provides the ultimate environment for executive learning and bonding. Recent getaways include a bankers’ road biking retreat in California and a corporate multi-sport escape for Expedia in Whistler.

  • What happens on a typical day? Created with Sketch.

    In the morning, we bike or walk for a few hours between historic and cultural sites, stopping for coffee along the way. Lunch tends to be at a casual restaurant or picnic. In the late afternoons, most people love to relax, read, have massages, shop, taste wine, etc. Dinners can be Michelin-starred affairs, but more often than not, our travelers love casual bistros, and trattorias. You choose. We recommend at least two nights at the same fabulous hotel, villa, estancia or châteaux to let you unpack and unwind. Or take over an entire hotel – some of our faves include Estancia Vik in Uruguay, Matakauri Lodge in New Zealand, and Awasi in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

  • What Kind of support can we expect on the trip? Created with Sketch.
    • Most trips feature a team of guides, experts, drivers, and mechanics.
    • Multiple small luxury vehicles with drivers and guides allow travelers to go at their own pace.
    • We take pride in curating and vetting every aspect of the trip. We test, retest, and then retest again right up to the client’s arrival.
    • Trips offer maximum, yet well-edited choice and flexibility.
    • We’re seasoned in collaborating with private air flight teams/FBOs as well as security.
    • We cater to each individual traveler, often creating multiple itineraries within a day. Wherever we go, we craft exclusive experiences that show off the best of the destination, and “give back” locally.
  • Can I bring my own bike? Created with Sketch.

    Absolutely. Many of our travelers choose to ship their bikes or check them as oversized baggage. Please contact us if you’d like more detailed information about traveling with your bike.

  • Can you provide a bike, helmet and/or gear for me? Created with Sketch.

    We can provide high quality hybrid touring bikes and carbon fibre road bikes to all cyclists. Many people find this to be simpler than shipping their bike. We can also arrange for helmets and other gear to be available.

  • What if I want to bring my private jet? Created with Sketch.

    No problem. We have years of experience working with private airports, handlers, pilots, and crew.

  • What about travel and health insurance? Created with Sketch.

    Adequate travel and emergency medical insurance are essential and are your responsibility.

  • How do you charge for your services Created with Sketch.
    • Gray & Co. specializes in producing premium active travel experiences. Prices are based on multiple factors such as number of travelers, degree of customization, etc.
    • Trips include most everything (except airfare) and are typically $3-4K+ per person per night, depending on destination, lodging, degree of customization, number of participants etc. A deposit is necessary upon booking and the balance is due 30 days before the trip.
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