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Gray & Co. crafts private active trips for the world’s most discerning travelers, many of whom travel by private jet.

The Gray & Co. style is unique, featuring an unparalleled attention to detail and service levels that are the highest in the industry. Each bespoke trip unfolds as a collection of exclusive experiences tailor made for the various ages, abilities and interests of your friends or family. Over the past decade, we’ve produced amazing itineraries around the globe — from helicopter journeys across both islands of New Zealand to explorations of the massive sand dunes of Namibia by private jet to bicycle trips among the vineyards and conical volcanoes of South America. Time and time again, our travelers ask the same question: “Where to next?”  



No one else does what we do. Period.

At Gray & Co. we know that your time with family and friends is priceless — and that there’s never enough of it — we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to streamline the planning process and ensure that every trip proceeds seamlessly.

The Gray & Co. team is actively involved at every step, and we’re very, very picky. For us, that means we develop the deep, firsthand knowledge necessary to find the most epic and safe places to walk, hike, bike, paddle and explore in every destination we go. We bring you to the smoothest pavement, the quietest roads, the most scenic trails and waterways of ultimate tranquility. Along the way, there’s always time for pre-planned or impromptu stops — from the top espresso cafe in Colombia’s Cocora Valley to a unique barrel tasting with a Grand Crus winemaker. Trips are based out of lodges, villas, châteaux, yachts and more that we have personally, and recently, vetted.



Gray & Co. caters to intelligent, curious, active and discerning folks.

Our guests appreciate returning to a great suite at the end of the day, but they aren’t afraid to sweat on an uphill, hike a glacier, ride a camel, bargain in a market or dine like a local. They crave the authentic and expect plenty of choice and flexibility. Some travelers love playing an active part in the planning — others leave it all up to us. Most are repeat Gray & Co. guests; new clients come to us almost exclusively by way of referral (and then quickly become repeat adventurers). Whether it’s a group of friends, an extended multi-generational family or a corporate retreat, our Gray & Co. travelers know they can trust our expertise and expect the highest levels of discretion, safety and privacy.



The Gray & Co. team is comprised of an elite corps of in-house experts with personal, first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the destinations in which they plan trips.

We pay careful attention to all details, big and small, from top hoteliers to hiking elevation gains, as we listen carefully to your vision and concerns, to curate your custom itinerary.

Our expertise includes uncovering destinations that both surprise and delight. Avid cyclists likely already know and love Tuscany, Provence and the other usual biking suspects, so we might suggest instead Italy’s Piemonte, Argentina’s Salta, Western Japan and other hidden gems with excellent roads, little traffic, amazing food and lodging and incredible natural beauty. These spots might be new to our travelers — but they’re not to us!

We design, collaborate and finesse to bring out the best in people and places wherever we go. We aren’t afraid to step in and upgrade offerings where we need to, from new helmets for zip-line courses to fresh almond milk for coffee. We cater to the preferences, age and abilities of each person on a trip. There’s a huge difference in planning for young kids versus teenagers, to say nothing of their parents…and grandparents. Our mantra is: Time together. Time apart. Always fun for all! 

“…a “no margin for error” philosophy that puts guest satisfaction above all else.”

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“…one-of-a-kind, perfect itineraries with every facet tailored to the likes of the individual traveler.”




Once the trip is underway, at any given time we provide seamless execution, 24/7.

All of our trips are produced and guided 24/7 by members of our in-house team alongside local guides and experts. Together, we test and re-test all aspects of an itinerary immediately prior to travelers’ arrival. That means re-hiking the trail, triple-checking the tides, tracking the weather and so much more. From cocktails and cuisine to massage therapists and turn-down, nothing is left to chance. Far from overkill, this is what it takes to make sure that every moment is just the way you like it, with plenty of choice and flexibility. Everywhere we go, we’re dialed in at the very top, with owners, General Managers and the like. Whatever your whim, whatever the weather, our team is able to pivot and make most anything happen.

The typical Gray & Co. traveler-to-guide ratio of at least 2:1, as well as our multiple support vehicles, allow the various people in your group to each go at their own pace. During any given point in the trip, there will likely be several different pursuits taking place all at the same time: One grandparent might be out hiking while mom is biking, dad is at the spa, and the teens are horseback riding — then everyone meets up for lunch. The afternoon, meanwhile, is a whole other kettle of fish! Needless to say, we do “complicated” well, and we make it seem simple, too. When we’re on the move, we take comfort, efficiency and safety to the max, chartering chauffeur-driven SUVs, luxury jets, helicopters and yachts.



The members of our multi-lingual team move behind the scenes to vet, plan and confirm — then reconfirm again and again — every aspect of every trip.

Working with a global network of experts, including pro cyclists, mechanics, sommeliers, chefs, hoteliers, historians and more, they tweak menus, adjust activities and discretely set everyone up to win, rain or shine. Paola, for example, transitions effortlessly from her homeland of Argentina to the vineyards of Tuscany and beyond. Silvia loves welcoming cyclists to her birthplace in Northern Italy’s Veneto, her current home base on Mallorca and her latest finds on Sardinia. Carolyn is as adept at cycling uphill in Ireland as she is at exploring temples in Cambodia. And family expert Annie might be on the pickle ball court with adults one minute then running a teen surf clinic the next.



Our travelers expect seamless execution and understand that the requisite high levels of expertise and service come with price tags to match.

Sometimes the most memorable experiences are the most costly, but just as often they’re not. Instead, they’re the result of great planning, timing, knowledge and connections. The cost of our trips relates to the degree of customization, number of travelers, destination, exchange rates and much more. Most of our trips exceed $2,000 per person per day, excluding flights but including most everything else.



Your health, safety and security are always paramount - with some clients, we work closely with your private security teams.

Each member of our skilled and highly trained team is up to speed on all protocols including our evolving understanding of Covid-19.

The team works tirelessly to make sure that every moment of your trip is safe, clean, discreet and private — from restaurants to bicycles, kayaks to housekeeping and all points in between.


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