Ireland – biking up – and down - the Healy Pass outside Kenmare in the Southwest

Mallorca – for hike, bike, food, beach, and water – and great places to stay including the new Finca Serena

South Africa – never get tired of. Epic hiking, biking, beaches, hospitality, good value, culture, animals

Japan – still so mysterious, culturally so distinct, cuisine and yet increasingly open to active explorations

Uruguay – tiny, often overlooked, beaches, biking, great food.

Northern Italy – from Piemonte to the Veneto, the Lakes, Dolomites and so many places in between! So new for so many. And such high quality.

Burgundy – near and dear.

Australia – more new lodges (Daintree) await post pandemic explorations!

Canada – so close, but it’s home,..and special! Gulf Islands, Newfoundland, Rockies, Polar bears etc.

Notes from the road

G.O.A.T.(D.) – Greatest of All Time (Destinations)

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