Notes from the road

Timely Trends

As we watch the travel world evolve, there are trends emerging that validate much of what we’ve always believed—from the benefits of private jet, helicopter, and yacht transportation to top-notch hygiene and staying longer in one place.

With the new world order, for Gray & Co., this can mean booking hotels a night early for an extra deep clean; daily health tests for all staff; taking over entire properties, more space in vehicles and helicopters; choosing the best meal venues and more—all easy, risk-reducing steps.

One advantage of Gray & Co. travel is that we curate and vet every aspect of our trips. We test, retest, and then retest again right prior to the client’s arrival. On top of our already “high quality” focus, we’ll now be digging deeper to ensure that travelers are placed in very few situations where social distancing is required – i.e. avoiding all line ups, or busy times, or small spaces. We will also be hypervigilant with restaurant staff, housekeeping standards/ room access etc. Again, this is not new to us, but we will be even more preoccupied.

Each trip we produce is executed by one or more of our key staff – there to manage as aspects, from translating to sorting the timing, working with the extended team of drivers, security, nannies etc.  We will implement strict social distancing practices and take extra safety precautions on all future trips.

Although the travel industry has been rocked to its core, we’re gearing up for the return of travel this fall and into 2021!

The Gray & Co. Team