Isle of Mull, Scotland

Notes from the road

Trends for 2021



1. Longer Stays:  After so much time at home, combined with less need to be in the office or school, longer stays have great appeal. Settle in, unpack, and get to know a new locale up close and in depth. Spend less time moving around, and more time being there. Gain more cherished quality time with friends and family. Gray & Co. can help you choose the right place that can withstand your energy, curiosity, and activity levels.

2. Multi-generational + Multi-family Trips: Grandparents crave time together with their kids and grandkids—as well as time apart. It’s a fine balance but fun for all. Parents also crave time with other families – kids keep other kids entertained and make memories as they get to know the tastes, customs, culture, language and tales of foreign countries.

3. Focus on Flexibility: From insurance to medical support, 2020 exposed many important aspects of travel. At Gray & Co., we’ve always been focused on safety, choice and flexibility—from dawn to dusk. Our discrete guides/ producers on every trip know the region in depth, and weigh in on the best options for each day based on weather, energy levels, and so much more.

4. Great Outdoors: Beyond active pursuits, the outdoors delivers scenic and safe places to gather, dine, and play. Our love of terraces and patios has only grown!

 5. Careful Choices: Travelers may choose their destinations and experiences more carefully, responsibly and mindfully – craving more “sense of place”, chances to learn, deeper meaning and respect for authenticity. For us, this means everything from orchestrating the right timing and place to best watch the monks gathering offerings to an impromptu grape tasting with a winemaker among the many world-class vineyards we frequent by foot or bike.

6. Far Flung: After months of watching too many enticing movies,  soon you can experience exotic locales firsthand. Active travel takes you off the beaten path, slowing you down to see the world up close. Whether you want to explore, hike, bike, paddle, eat, learn or all of the above, you and your friends and family deserve care-free days with seamless service and experiences. From nearby medical facilities to comfort at every step of the journey in private vehicles, helicopters, jets and more.

7. North America: Who knew there was so much so close? After a year of record attendance at National Parks, we’re not likely to slow down. And with new remote lodges in the pipeline, it’s the perfect time to see the best of America and Canada!

The Gray & Co. Team